About History and Humanity

about-history-and-humanityHistory has always been an important part of life, not just human history or of this world, but also the history of biology, nature and everything related to the universe, such as the forces that govern the relationship between the complex solar and star systems, planets and every celestial object that is orbiting the far reaches of the cosmos.

It is therefore no surprise that humans are fascinated and even obsessed with the vast universe that this tiny little galaxy or solar system one lives in is a part of. That is why humans should never forget that their lives are a part of something much greater and bigger and that no matter what he does in life, even if it means going down in history as a figure of “great” influence in the society, in the end, all that person will truly achieve will be being one more name in a history book, a monument, a city, a street, or even a Wikipedia article.

It is true; however, that there have been personages in the history of humans that have been remembered for many centuries and that probably will still be remembered by the future generations. In any case, it is important to remember that even prominent figures in history, no matter what meaningful lives they lived, are still living beings whose lives will come to an end just like anyone else’s.

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