About us

On this website you will find a collection of articles dedicated to preserving the history of Potters Bar in Hertfordshire. We try to keep the memories of yesteryear alive through the publication of various articles and stories that are relevant to the events that shaped the village’s history, as well as that of the surrounding area.

The town dates back to the early 13th Century, where it remained a backwater agricultural settlement until the Great Northern Railway arrived in 1850. The name of the town is thought to have originated from Roman times when the village produced pottery wares. It is located on the Great North Road.

Potters Bar, of course, is the site where a World War I German Zeppelin crashed 100 years ago. The airship was hit over London, 15 miles to the South. It eventually crashed near a barn in Potters Bar.

History is a living thing. Although relics can still be seen in museums it is our interaction with things and our memories that keep things alive.

Aside from Potters Bar’s connection with the Great War, this site also seeks to make available information on all the attractions and leisure activities that can be enjoyed in the area. We also look at the contemporary aspect of the village in terms of where to find the best shopping and where to find the best pubs and traditional meals.

Many tourists are flocking to more and more historic British villages and Potters Bar is one of them. This page offers information of what to see and do in the village, coupled with historic information from its past.