Culture and History

culture-and-historyAs mentioned before in different posts and articles on this web page, it is impossible to talk about history without carefully contemplating societal and anthropological aspects of the current societies that one lives in today. In order to understand diverse elements of the many civilizations that populate the Earth today, such as religion, language and culture, it is important to be aware of the history of humanity and evolution.

Cultural aspects can vary greatly according to different societies and communities and, even within them, one will come across great differences that are probably rooted in socioeconomic factors, ethnicity, race, gender etc. However, one of the many common denominators that one can observe in today’s society, not just western but also in the Far East, is probably music and elements of socialization, such as nightclubs, clubbing, etc. Clubbing is a very common activity in the UK and Hertfordshire is no exception.

Nowadays, and for quite a few decades now, young people usually attend music venues known as night clubs, where people consume alcoholic beverages and music is pumped loudly during the late night hours. This is not just a way to connect with other members of society and socialize, but also to enjoy recreational activities that may involve dancing, listening to music, drinking alcohol, meeting new people, making out and, in some cases, sometimes even consuming mood altering drugs etc.

In and of itself, this practice is not really all that strange, given that throughout history, one can observe that there were social gatherings where music was played, alcoholic beverages were consumed and there are instances of social dancing. All these elements of human society have always been rather common practices, even in ancient cultures like Ancient Greece, Rome and even throughout the Middle Ages, in Europe and in China and Mongolia.