Great Museums To Be Found In Potters Bar

While there are lots of things to see and do at Potters Bar one of the favorite past times especially for tourists is to check out the variety of museums that can be found here.

Potters Bar Museum

potters-bar-museumThe historical Society in Potters Bar takes on many responsibilities and one of these is running the Potters Bar Museum. This originally was open to the public in 1990. For those that are visiting this region and want to learn more about its history then the Potters Bar Museum is a prime place to do this. What the visitors here will see is diggings that have been collected and saved over the years from excavations with some of them dating back into the Roman era. While it is a fun place to visit it is also one that is packed with education.

Barnet Museum

While making the museums around Potters Bar the focus for the day it means taking in a visit to Barnet Museum. This is only 3 miles away from Potters Bar and includes many different archives but they have one special area that is dedicated to the Battle of Barnett that the entire family is sure to enjoy.

Mosquito Aircraft Museum

There should be enough time left over to pay one more visit to another very intriguing Museum that again is only just a little over 3 miles outside of Potters Bar. This is the Mosquito Aircraft Museum. It is full of history and the site itself is very old and is one to be found most intriguing.

Planning on spending a day at the wonderful museums that are so closely located to Potters Bar will demand a little planning. You will definitely want to get an early start to the day and be sure to check out the hours of operation for each of them to avoid disappointment.

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