Other Aspects of History

spects-of-historyIn the preceding article, certain aspects of history such as biology, astrophysics and historical figures in the history of humanity were briefly addressed or mentioned. The info contained in this web site deals not only with the history of Potters Bar, England, Hertfordshire and Europe, but also with different elements that can take on a historical meaning or relevance. In that sense, basically any field of study or human aspect of life and nature can be said to have a historical relevance. For example, anthropology is a field of study that specializes in the many different aspects of human evolution, civilization, culture, language, society etc.

It is therefore important to be aware of the fact that the word history can be considered to be somewhat of an umbrella term to refer to many other disciplines, given that there is always a historical fact that contributed to the creation or development of that given discipline or field of study. History is even something embedded in our DNA, not as a species, but as a part of inhabitants of this planet. Nature and history go hand in hand. Biology, geography and topography, for example, are other fields of study that are full of history, wherever you may look. In order to better understand the present, (and the future) you need to be able to look at the past.

History does not only occur consciously, as a field of study that people purposefully seek out, but is also present on a molecular level. Every organism, no matter how small, is able to absorb, learn, store, code and decode history. From different behaviors or combinations of millions of microorganisms or molecules and cells that live literally on every surface of our planet, biology is able to record all these events and learn from them in order to ensure survival.