Special Things to do While Visiting Potters Bar

potters-bar-by-4-miles-is-bishops-palaceWhile throughout the UK there are many different historic and wonderful castles to visit just outside of Potters Bar by 4 miles is Bishop’s Palace. This is truly a medieval Palace that is going to intrigue the whole family. While visiting here there are many things to see and will certainly take one back in time. It is comprised of some absolutely beautiful and breathtaking gardens and during your visit here you get the chance to go into the private chapel designated for the Bishops that lived here. The children will no doubt enjoy the drawbridge that will appear to them as something out of a storybook

When the children begin to to get restless and are looking for something to expand their energy then parents can take them off to Activity World which is again just outside outside of Potters bar. This is a large indoor adventure playground comprised of over 6000 ft.² with all types of activities such as mazes and giant slides. It is certainly something that shouldn’t be missed when paying a visit to Potters bar.

Then for the family that really wants to explore what farm life is like in this area of the world it simply means taking a trip to Willow farm Village which is again is only about 4 miles outside of the Potters bar area. Here the family gets to walk about the property as freely as they like and enjoy what the country has to offer and also rub noses with some of the cutest animals to be found here.

Aside from these specific activities that take place in this area, just going and enjoying the countryside itself makes Potters Bar one of the most favorite locations for tourists to take advantage of. The people here are warm and friendly and it certainly has a small town atmosphere that makes one feel like they could live there with no problems at all.