Wrotham Park

Within the potters bar locality lies the Palladian Mansion, which is known as Wrotham Park, a large private property which is used as a tourist attraction site and film location because of its distinctive structures. The entrance hall to the mansion displays an ornate table which belonged to Napoleon during the Napoleonic war. This is but one of the many art collection pieces that can be found in the mansion. The primordial furniture and collection of art dates back to the 18th century, and some weapons discovered during the excavation of the lake near the Kitts end road are believed to be weapons from the Battle of Barnet. For this reason, they conduct a tour on open house day, and anyone can book to see the private property of the Byng family. The tenth generation is currently resident in this aboriginal property of about 116 hectares which dates back to 1750, howeve,r the mansion was constructed in 1754. It was designed by Isaac Ware, and was named after the Byng ancestral estate in Kent.

Some of Byng family members are still remembered click here for some notable events today including:

  • John Byng; 1704 – 1757. He was one of the sons of Admiral George Byng, and was executed after the court pronounced him guilty of an error of judgement for failing to win back Menorca from the French. Until his death, he was a member of Parliament for the constituency of Rochester, had no child, and never got to enjoy the mansion he built.
  • John byng; 1772 – 1860, was the nephew of John Byng, and he played a key role in the Napoleonic war. So he was created first Earl of Strafford after that.
  • Robert Byng is the current resident of the mansion, and lives there with his family.